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Can you summarise a big idea in just 50 seconds? That's the challenge we are setting this year's DIF speakers and DIF audience in this brand new feature: Difty50!

Check out the videos some of the DIF team and speakers have produced above and then make your own! Use your phone, laptop, tablet or whatever to record...but remember to keep your video within the 50-second time limit!

What would you do a Difty50 on? Anything related to the DIF! And/or you can make a Difty50 in response to an existing film or DIF show...

Upload your videos to Twitter and alert us by using #Difty50 and #thinkdif.

We look forward to seeing your work!




Once you've recorded your brilliant idea or innovation in under 50 seconds or challenged another speakers Difty50, don't forget to submit your video via social media and use the hashtag #Difty50.

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