DIF on AIR Newcy: The End of Disposable Cups

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  • Caroline Bettan

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This session is part of DIF x CE100 Startup Day. A day devoted to showcasing startups and their role in disrupting the market and enabling a shift towards a circular economy.

What happened when four “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” Master students of Rennes School of Business decided that they could no longer stand the sight of overflowing trash bins in consequence of disposable cups? They founded their own start-up, offering an easy reusable replacement for coffee machines and water fountains by also taking care of the whole service around it. Newcy provides robust customisable cups for traditional vending machines and ensure at the same time that a collection system, professional washing and a restocking service is in place.


Caroline Bettan

Caroline Bettan


Caroline is the co-founder and happy CEO of Newcy. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship and solutions that challenge traditional industries. She holds a Msc. Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from ESC Rennes.


Bledar Beqiri

Bledar Beqiri

DIF Intern

Bledar is ½ of the DIF intern team. He has an academic background in Business and Economics, with specialisations in Sustainable Management and International Strategic Management. Bledar also has experience in environmental auditing and has most recently represented the UNDP in Sweden as an advocate for the Global Goals.

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