DIF Podcast Teaching Disruptive Fashion Design in Peru

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  • Lourdes Martinez, Kelly Phenicie

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In the context of Peru's traditional market and society, new thinking in the fashion industry that combines innovation opportunities with positive environmental outcomes is highly disruptive.

This session will explore the development and evolution of one of the first truly disruptive courses focused on fashion in Peru, and will feature a number of Peru's emerging fashion designers, who are trying to create clothing that lasts and can be re-circulated through the industry.

You will hear how Lourdes Martinez designed her Fashion Sustainability and Innovation Course for Pacifico Business School based around the principles of local fashion systems and human centred design. It's one case study that exemplifies how diverse an issue like waste in the fashion industry can be when considered in its local context.


Lourdes Martinez

Lourdes Martinez

Teacher of Fashion Sustainability and Founder of Artextile

I am a Social Entrepreneur who is very passionate about Textile Sustainability. Throughout the last three years I have developed Artextile, a local movement in Peru which encourages a change of textile consumption habits. This project is also a result of my advocacy to Human Centered Design. Yoga, nature and reading complete the few free time I have. Although I may not be the best at them, I love water sports. They are extremely fun!

Kelly Phenicie

Kelly Phenicie

Managing Director of Green Design Link

Peru has been Kelly's home now for the past 12 years. After globetrotting and studying at NYU, she worked in human rights and gender before settling in the textile industry, where she's been able to apply these concepts in a whole new way - finally finding the perfect medium for her passion for details, fashion and business done right.

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