DIF Podcast What if Scientific Research Adopted Circular Economy Principles?

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  • Jennifer Molloy

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Scientific research can be expensive, energy intensive and environmentally harmful. Biotechnology in particular, while giving rise to many innovations that support the circular economy, does not adopt its principles. What would a circular infrastructure for research look like? Can embedding principles of local manufacturing, standardised components and designed-to-last, repairable scientific hardware and specialised research tools help us get there?

Listen to this podcast to hear participants at the international Gathering for Open Science Hardware will discuss these ideas and related efforts around the globe.


Jennifer Molloy

Jennifer Molloy

Shuttleworth Fellow

Jenny Molloy is a Shuttleworth Fellow at the University of Cambridge, studying the role and impact of open approaches to intellectual property for a sustainable and equitable bioeconomy. In particular she researches the potential for local, distributed manufacturing of enzymes to improve access and build capacity for biological research. In addition to her role in the University, she is a founding Director of Biomakespace, a community laboratory for engineering with biology, and she co-organises the international Gathering for Open Science Hardware.

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