DIF Podcast Do Sheep Dream of Electric Cars? Consumer Attitudes to Electric Vehicles

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  • Richard Cable (Presenter), Sunny Kumar, Victoria Buchanan

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The transition to electric-powered vehicles (EVs) represents a paradigm shift which could significantly change the way that people pay for and use personal transportation. To shed some light on this, the Customer Experience practice at Tribal Worldwide London has been undertaking a programme of research into consumer attitudes towards EVs.

This podcast will share these research findings, as well as speaking to experts in consumer behaviour and the automotive industry. During the interviews, you will hear how behaviour will change – and is already changing – to adapt to this new reality, and what the implications are for the future of mobility.


Richard Cable (Presenter)

Richard Cable (Presenter)

Head of Content

Richard has more than 20 years’ experience as an editor and executive producer, working with some of the biggest names in publishing and broadcasting. During his 12 years at the BBC, he began as a journalist before moving into Special Factual, heading up the corporation’s History, Science, Nature, Art and Culture websites. Since moving agency-side 5 years ago, Richard has developed award-winning branded content for clients as diverse as Google, Audi, Tesco, KFC, Johnnie Walker and Clarks.

Sunny Kumar

Sunny Kumar

Head of Experience and Service Design

Sunny has over 20 years experience leading strategies to help deliver work for clients such as Shell, Carphone Warehouse, Best Buy, Volkswagen, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. Leading CX and UX work at Tribal, he works with a team of UX architects, researchers and designers to help refine clients’ customer journeys and to help them better connect with their consumers. This work has also involved helping to build an internal understanding of UX methodologies and overseeing service design initiatives. Sunny is also a sought after subject matter expert, having spoken at Adobe conferences and UX talks.

Victoria Buchanan

Victoria Buchanan

Executive Creative Director

Victoria started her career in digital advertising more than two decades ago. A pioneer in digital, she is obsessed with interactive behaviour and passionate about creating work that allows people to experience brands in a more immersive way. One of the few female Creative ECDs in the industry, she is passionate about nurturing talent. She was a mentor at the 3% conference and champions diversity to help develop more female Creative Directors and leaders. She is a multi-award-winner, producing work for a wide range of clients such as Volkswagen, O2, Guinness, Fitness First and Hasbro.

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