DIF Studio DS Smith and Costa: A reverse cycle for coffee cups

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  • Oliver Rosevear, Tom Campbell-White

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The wastefulness of takeaway paper coffee cups and issues of recyclability have regularly featured in the headlines in recent years as topics like ocean plastics become increasingly prominent. Better design and reuse are clearly on top of the agenda, but there's demands for better recycling are also firmly on the agenda of governments, organisations and consumers.

Join this session to hear the story of how DS Smith has aimed to tackle this issue, starting by finding a solution to recycling coffee cups at scale in a standard paper mill, and then moving on to consider the system that sits around that technology with the launch of their Coffee Drop Box solution. We'll also be joined in the studio by the Head of Environment from one of the UK's largest coffee retailers, who will talk about the challenge of single use takeaway cups and the respective roles that reuse and recycling can play in changing a consumer's relationship with those products.


Oliver Rosevear

Oliver Rosevear

Head of Environment, Costa Coffee

Oliver Rosevear is the Head of Environment for Costa Coffee, the UK’s largest Coffee Shop Chain. Oliver is responsible for managing the environmental impact of the company. Since joining Costa in 2010 he has successfully delivering a 38% reduction in Carbon emissions across the retail estate. Costa Coffee Roastery in Lambeth was the first in Europe to implement the ISO50001 energy management standard in January 2012. He is responsible for developing the award winning Zero Energy EcoPod concept and more recently the World’s first BREEAM Outstanding Roastery.

He has worked with Biobean to ensure over 4,000 tonnes Coffee grounds are recycled into new resource. Oliver has lead Costa’s work on driving reuse and increasing recycling of coffee cups in the UK. He designed the Valpak Cup recycling scheme which incentivises waste management companies to collect and recycle coffee cups. Oliver is a Board Member of the Paper Cup Recovery & Recycling Group, an action group looking to improve recycling rates for paper cups across the UK.

Tom Campbell-White

Tom Campbell-White

European Strategic Development Director, DS Smith

Tom has been working in the Environmental services sector for over 20 years, having spent time working within the contaminated land sector before moving into the recycling and waste management world. Tom has been working for DS Smith since 2011 in various commercial and innovation roles and has seen the company growing rapidly since then. Most recently Tom has been involved in developing coffee cup recycling across the supply chain.


Sebastian Egerton-Read

Sebastian Egerton-Read

DIF Programme Manager and Social Media Manager

Seb is one of the two Ellen MacArthur Foundation's DIF Managers. He makes sure the DIF’s content reaches the right people on a global scale through resourceful and creative marketing. He also feeds into the DIF's long-term strategy. When Seb isn’t working on the DIF, he’s busy managing the Foundation’s social media accounts and producing regular content across platforms as well as writing for Circulate news.

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