DIF Studio Ecosystem Design and the Circular Economy

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In order to scale and implement circular products and services, we need new underlying infrastructure in the economy - a circular operating system. Chris will explore some early learnings from IDEO's CE CoLab in terms of collaborative venture opportunities that are surfacing around circular infrastructure and why ecosystem design is an important tool for its creation.


Chris Grantham

Chris Grantham

Chris is Executive Director Circular Economy at IDEO, where he leads IDEO's consultancy business in the circular economy and works with organisations on system change and breakthrough innovation. Chris has also been closely involved in developing IDEO's partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, formed to advance innovative solutions towards a more circular economy.

His work has involved a number of design led initiatives with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, including adapting IDEO’s collaborative design methodology (CoLab) for circular economy innovation across industry value chains and the development of The Circular Design Guide. Launched at The World Economic Forum in 2017, the guide aims to develop a generation of creatively confident, systems orientated circular designers and more resilient organisations capable of thriving in the circular economy.

Chris is an Aspen Institute First Movers Fellow.

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