DIF FIlm Edinburgh: A City in Transition

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  • Daisy Narayanan, Cheryl Robb, Stefanie O’Gorman

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The Edinburgh Transformation project aims to address how Edinburgh will achieve a step change in approach to issues including transport, amenity, social value (e.g. air quality, mental and physical health), place, urban development and heritage. The discussion then considers the challenges and opportunities that Edinburgh faces setting targets for transformation. This includes city priorities for city centre transformation of ambition, sustainable development and disruption and reflects on the potential for circular economy to underpin each priority objective. The discussion concludes with a look to the future and the panellists’ thoughts and hopes for how the city will develop by 2050.


Daisy Narayanan

Daisy Narayanan

Place Directorate, City of Edinburgh Council and Deputy Director of Sustrans

Daisy Narayanan is the Deputy Director, Sustrans Scotland and leads a team that designs and delivers walking, cycling and placemaking projects in partnership with statutory agencies in Scotland. She is currently on secondment to City of Edinburgh Council for one year to lead the Edinburgh City Centre Transformation Programme leading the cities aspirations to make the centre of Edinburgh a world class place to live, work and visit.

Cheryl Robb

Cheryl Robb

Cities and Regions Circular Economy Manager, Zero Waste Scotland

Cheryl has over 11 years’ experience in sustainable development in Scotland and is part of the Zero Waste Scotland Team supporting organisations to develop and implement Circular Economy Business Models. In particular, Cheryl is managing development of circular economy business models within Scotland Cities and Regions, including Edinburgh.

Stefanie O’Gorman

Stefanie O’Gorman

Director of Sustainable Economics, Jacobs

Stefanie is the Director of Sustainable Economics and has 17 years’ experience in the planning, technical delivery, management of economic and socio-economic assessments for research and infrastructure projects. With academic training in environmental management, natural sciences and economics, Stefanie has broad ranging expertise in both infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects.

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