DIF on AIR Empowering People to Repair for a Circular Economy

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  • Daljinder (DJ) Sanghera

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As people fight for their right to repair, companies continue to create products which are complex, difficult or almost impossible to fix. This makes it very difficult to justify a repair. Many people end up deciding that the task of fixing is either too difficult, not worth the effort, or that they lack the knowledge to repair. While there is a huge community of Repair Cafe’s throughout the world, these cafe’s require a physical presence. With a dwindling market for repairable systems, manufacturers are incentivised to continue making non-repairable products.

Could empowering people through remote collaboration and knowledge transfer nurture a culture of repair? How do we empower people to complete fixes themselves?

In this talk we introduce and discuss SENSEI, a platform to connect people who need technical assistance to both human and machine experts for real-time guidance. Through this platform, we hope to empower people to complete technical tasks they didn’t think they could do.


Daljinder (DJ) Sanghera

Daljinder (DJ) Sanghera

Innovation Design Engineer

DJ's work is focused on innovation and spans across the disciplines of art, design, and technology.

He is passionate about proving propositions, discovering new product categories and informing design through tangible experimentation and speculative, divergent thinking approaches. He is particularly interested in the relationships and interactions that people have with objects and the art of leveraging design to provoke behavioral and large-scale systemic change.

When not ideating/building/sketching/tinkering, he can be found hiking up mountains or biking down them!


Bledar Beqiri

Bledar Beqiri

DIF Intern

Bledar is ½ of the DIF intern team. He has an academic background in Business and Economics, with specialisations in Sustainable Management and International Strategic Management. Bledar also has experience in environmental auditing and has most recently represented the UNDP in Sweden as an advocate for the Global Goals.

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