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Betting on remanufacturing to scale up a circular economy seems a no-brainer. Why wouldn't a manufacturing business be interested in producing the same quality goods at a lower cost? And what customer doesn't want to buy a high-quality product at a lower price than a new one? Which government is not interested in creating skilled jobs in manufacturing and improve environmental performance at the same time?

In multiple sectors and countries, remanufacturing is a mature industry. Yet remanufactured product sales represent on average only 2% of that of all manufactured goods. Based on case studies of six key stakeholder groups, this session identifies actions that can spark the system change needed to fast-track growth of the remanufacturing industry.


Tessa Vlaanderen

Tessa Vlaanderen

Founder Circular Futures

Tessa Vlaanderen is the founder of Circular Futures, a New York City-based consulting firm and thinktank. She recently authored “Accelerating Growth of the US Remanufacturing Industry: A Stakeholder Guide” and co-founded the Circular Economy Network (CEN), a multi-stakeholder platform for best practice sharing. She has supported a broad range of organizations in catalyzing and accelerating the growth of circular businesses, building on her experience as an engineer in new product development and manufacturing operations.


Emma Fromberg

Emma Fromberg

Informal Learning and Smart Material Choices Manager

Emma is a designer by background and is part of the Learning Team of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. She is interested in exploring how design can support the transition to a circular economy. At the Foundation she leads informal learning, in which the annual Disruptive Innovation Festival plays a significant role. Besides informal learning, she works within the Circular Design Team on smart material choices and material health.

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