DIF Studio Flies: the unexpected answer to the food crisis

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Our current food production system is highly wasteful, damages the environment and does not produce healthy outcomes. This situation will be exacerbated in the near future. It has been estimated that more food will be needed in the next 50 years, than in the previous 10,000.

AgriProtein, a South African based company, has developed a way to resolve two of our food system's principal challenges. Harnessing the power of eight billion winged helpers, they utilise large amounts of organic waste to create animal feed. How did they do it? Tune in to this session to find out.


Jason Drew

Jason Drew

CEO AgriProtein

Described by Forbes magazine as 'Lord of the Flies’ and by Leadership magazine as one of ‘Africa’s most inspiring green leaders’, Jason Drew is an innovator and serial entrepreneur turned environmentalist. Before becoming CEO of AgriProtein – a company he co-founded in 2009 – Jason held leadership roles in several international businesses, including General Electric, BUPA and Egg. He also led the start-up of a series of companies including Dialogue Group, a leading African outsourced services provider with more than 3,000 members of staff.

Born in London, Jason studied at the European Business School and lived and worked all over the world before moving to South Africa in 2004. He is a writer, public speaker, thought leader and a ‘planet motivator’ for our future. A passionate realist with a no-nonsense approach to fixing global problems, he has received, among other things, the 2013 United Nations Innovation Prize for Africa, and the 2017 CleanEquity award by HSH Prince Albert of Monaco. Time Magazine also named AgriProtein one of its 50 genius companies that are inventing the future. Jason is a passionate polo player and is married with three children.

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