DIF on AIR Fresh Thinking for Food Packaging – Part 1: Understanding the need

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Tackling the pressing need for packaging that doesn't end up as waste after one short use phase is a priority for consumers and producers alike. This session features a design thinking workshop bringing together innovators from across the industry in food, drink and FMCG to hack the challenges of developing better packaging with fresh, creative thinking.

The workshop draws upon an ‘Open Innovation’ approach to collaborate by sharing expertise and ideas, uniquely drawing on insights from the whole value chain, with ingredients, packaging, brands, retail, and recycling represented. Teams of OI Forum members and other industry experts will present ‘elevator pitches’ based on two days’ work, from which the hope is to generate real, workable solutions.


Dominic Oughton

Dominic Oughton

Principal Industrial Fellow and OI Forum Leader

Dominic had a 20-year industrial career, leading and starting-up technology businesses in the electronics sector, before (re)joining his alma mater, Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University. He now supports industrial and government organisations around the world to use the research outputs of IfM to develop and implement technology strategies. His passion for collaborative innovation led to the founding of The Open Innovation Forum which is now in its ninth year and spans the food, drink and FMCG value chains.


Bledar Beqiri

Bledar Beqiri

DIF Intern

Bledar is ½ of the DIF intern team. He has an academic background in Business and Economics, with specialisations in Sustainable Management and International Strategic Management. Bledar also has experience in environmental auditing and has most recently represented the UNDP in Sweden as an advocate for the Global Goals.

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