DIF on AIR Gig Economy in Perspective: How Platforms Create a More Inclusive Labour Market

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There are many questions today on the long-term viability of gig economy platforms and the ways they tend to become a monopoly and exploit their users. Many people assume that this model of platform monopoly is a given.

However, growing momentum behind platform co-operatives, a movement that promote shared ownership and governance of platforms, shows that these new entities could also lead to a more inclusive labour market.

As part of the discussion around the extractive sides of centralised gig platforms, it is also important to look to the opportunities that platforms create. Many platforms centralise a fragmented and almost invisible labour market. This brings some great opportunities to represent the interests of the workers that work now under precarious conditions. What happens when we consider how these platforms can contribute to a more inclusive labour market?


Martijn Arets

Martijn Arets

International Platform Expert

Martijn is an international expert, thinker, researcher and opinion maker in the field of the emergence and development of the collaborative economy. Since 6 years he is traveling the world to (so far) talk to 400+ entrepreneurs, experts and other stakeholders in 13 countries behind the upcoming collaborative economy. Martijn has shared his story and thoughts during several of hundreds of keynotes around the world: from TEDx in Greece to the Crowdsourcing Week Arctic Circle. Martijn runs his own advisory company and is a part time researcher on platforms at Utrecht University.


Laura Franco Henao

Laura Franco Henao

DIF Intern

Laura is ½ of the DIF intern team. Laura has an academic background in Economics and International Development and she has done her masters research on how the Circular Economy can help address environmental and social challenges in the Uruguayan context. In addition, she has worked at the University of Sussex in the project: Understanding the Circular Economy-Entrepreneurial motivations, business and consultancy practices.

Laura has received several scholarships and awards for her academic results. She loves languages, sports and most of all, travelling and discovering new places and stories.

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