DIF on AIR Glue Like a Screw: From R&D to Business Reality

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  • Eric Logtens, Lukas Hoex, Ben Jensen

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Glues have always been an ugly and smelly elephant in the circular room. During the DIF last year, material scientist Mark Miodownik introduced the dream of two companies - ECOR and Niaga - to create only reversible connections that can be disassembled in the laminated panel industry.

This year, the same two companies will share the journey from last year's R&D to transforming the science into a business reality, which brings wide ranging disruptive benefits for a diverse range of industries linked to laminated panels.

Join this session to be surprised by an example of the wide ranging application of circular economy principles, and to be surprised by just how wide ranging the impacts of this innovation might be.


Eric Logtens

Eric Logtens

Corporate Director Circular Economy | CEO Europe

Founded one of the first Dutch consultancy firms on ergonomic training and advise in occupational health care in the early nineties. Then built an international sub-distribution network in the office furniture industry with key activities as strategic marketing positioning, sales, logistics, service and repair. Focus on C2C and gained in-depth knowledge and experience on the implementation of the principles in practice since early 2003. In 2015 Eric joined Noble Environmental Technologies leading the Circular Economy Effort and became a board member in 2016.

Lukas Hoex

Lukas Hoex

Manager Strategic Growth at DSM | Niaga

Lukas lectures on circular economy at the University of Amsterdam Science faculty as of 2012. Before joining Niaga, he was responsible for the Circular Economy at DSM, a global life science and material science company. Today Lukas is responsible for marketing at Niaga, a start-up company that redesigns everyday products from scratch for full recycling.

Ben Jensen

Ben Jensen

Global Director, Design & Innovation at EYELEVEL, An InnerWorkings Company

As Director of Design & Innovation, Ben oversees an evolving department within EYELEVEL that will focus on both design-led innovation, and the EYELEVEL brand. Some key responsibilities:
- Driving design thinking as strategy for innovation
- Developing internal design competencies (training, team building)
- Operationalizing a design thinking methodology across all business units via the “EYELEVEL Method”
- Identifying, vetting, and managing an Innovation Project Pipeline, high-profile/high-value projects, as well as managing the long tail
- Developing and managing cross-functional global teams


Kinge Gardien

Kinge Gardien

DIF Programme Manager

Kinge is the DIF’s Programme Manager which means heading up the DIF team and contributing to and signing off on the comms, digital and editorial work that combines to create the online Festival. Kinge joined the Foundation as a DIF intern and blossomed so much in her role, that she went on to take the reins!

Originally from the Netherlands, Kinge holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Design from Delft University of Technology. Having held a particular interest in the human side of design, she decided to also study Social and Cultural Anthropology.

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