DIF FIlm Hamilton Henrique: A Story of Food Revolution

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Hamilton Henrique had an idea that could generate profit and have a positive impact for people living in socially vulnerable communities in Brazil. He created Saladorama, a social business that provides healthy and accessible food for many in Brazilian ‘favelas’.

Saladorama works by creating whole food ecosystems where people in the communities are the main protagonists: from planting and harvesting organic quality food, distributing it in the communities, and preparing delicious healthy dishes., Saladorama trains and employs those who do not have jobs or decent livelihoods to become real providers of better food for their neighbours. Born and raised in one of these communities, Hamilton believes in the power of social businesses and local economies to drive positive social impact.


Hamilton Henrique

Hamilton Henrique

Founder of Saladorama

Winner of more than 20 national and international awards in the categories of social business and social entrepreneur, Hamilton Henrique, founder of Saladorama, has a mission to democratise healthy food in vulnerable communities by creating whole local value chains in which farmers, cooks, deliverers and customers are key players in the development of their communities.

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