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Fundamental requirements for a system like the circular economy to work is intelligent material choices and life-friendly chemistry. Chemistry binds together materials and, possibly, holds the key to making safe material flows work.

Join this session to hear from the Scientific Director of Solvay, an advanced materials and chemical company, who will tell us what excites them about the circular economy and what contribution they will make.

This is an abbreviated version of an interview that took place on November 19th. Want to watch the conversation in full? Watch it here:


Patrick Maestro

Patrick Maestro

Scientific Director of Research and Innovation at Solvay

Patrick started his career in 1980 within Rhône-Poulenc, on several positions as a researcher on the physics and chemistry of inorganic compounds, particularly rare earths, and their applications in luminescent materials, pigments, magnetic materials, catalysis.

Patrick was named a Fellow Scientist of Rhône-Poulenc in 1994, then a member of the Scientific Council of RP, and then Rhodia. He was named Scientific Director of Rhodia in 2004. Then he put in place long term scientific orientations for the group, in the domains of physical- chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials science, polymers, renewable chemistry, ...

Since 2013, he is Scientific Director, Research and Innovation, at Solvay. He has put in place several collaborations with the academic world, particularly with 4 joint teams with French CNRS and universities.

He holds 12 Patents, 60 Publications, 20 invited talks at International Conferences. Patrick is also a member of the French Academy of Technologies and was awarded the CNRS Innovation Medal in 2015.

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