DIF FIlm Tomorrow Needs Today: Exploring Circular Economy in Hospitality

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  • Liz Craig, Veronique Sournies

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Who doesn't love to travel? ... For all nomads, vacationers, and road warriors, selecting hotels, BnBs that are cleaner and social is a smart way to positively impact the environment. The challenge for the hospitality industry is how to start taking action when they have guests to take care of, employees to manage and a business to run. In short, how to transform the industry towards the circular economy, one hotel at a time.

The CMH International Hospitality School, Paris, put the challenge to their MBA students. The results: actionable roadmaps that are positively disruptive, inventive and high impact for independent hotels, restaurants and accommodation providers. This DIF Film will showcase MBA student teams’ smart and fun plans. The teams collaborated to create a circular economy solution of their choice - the roadmaps are offered free to hospitality pros and designed to showcase the circular economy not only the hoteliers but their guests and employees as well.


Liz Craig

Liz Craig

Coordinator Digital Projects, MBA Prof - Online Business Development

Futurist focus, creator of learning environments designed to stimulate student participants and explore all things digital; MBA Lecturer 20+, previous 20 years in senior management positions - Hospitality Industry.

Veronique Sournies

Veronique Sournies

Director International Relations

Coordinate university affiliations, globally; Leader educational innovation teams at CMH resulting in Worldwide Hospitality Awards; Senior Director at CMH Paris 30 years; advocate 'now for next' student programs

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