DIF Studio How Innovation Districts Can Transform Cities

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Today, we can communicate across borders and time zones like never before. But many still argue that when it comes down to the tricky, messy process of innovation, geography matters.

‘Innovation Districts’ are an assortment of complementary companies, not-for-profits and universities within close proximity. The idea is that this helps spark collaborations and innovations that might otherwise be missed.

Kat Hanna, our guest on this live show, will argue that London is already a leader in innovation districts, but there is a need for more, particularly when it comes to growing the skills and opportunities of people in deprived areas. Join us to find out why your geography teacher was right all along when they said ‘place matters’


Kat Hanna

Kat Hanna

Urbanist & Researcher

Kat has worked in London politics and policy for the past five years. An urbanist and researcher, her research interests include London, urban economies, placemaking, and the geography of innovation. Kat spent two years at think tank Centre for London as research manager, working across a range of subjects including housing, London’s digital economy, and innovation districts. She now works at Cushman and Wakefield in a research role focused on built environment trends.

Kat enjoys reading, writing and talking about London politics and urban policy and has had articles featured in a range of publications, as well as appearing on television and radio on a number of occasions.

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