DIF Podcast How Nano Technology Can Influence At Macro Scale

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  • Mark Bowers, Graham Dodd

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This session will explore a range of new and emerging nano/micro technologies that have the potential to bring disruption to the built environment. For example, micro materials that change the way we design mechanical systems to dramatically lower their energy usage or by improving the physical and mechanical properties of the materials we construct with to ultimately use less more efficiently. Bringing these technologies into the built environment is not simple, so as well as the potential benefits it will also discuss the implementation barriers.


Mark Bowers

Mark Bowers

Senior Engineer

Mark is a specialist structural engineer and materials expert sitting in the Advanced Technology and Research Team in London. Mark has worked on a large variety or projects from large scale infrastructure projects through to small failure investigations and everything in between.

Mark also looks after Arup's innovative materials portfolio, understanding how new advances from academia can be brought into the built environment; these range from nano-carbon technologies through to ultra-thin glass products.

Graham Dodd

Graham Dodd

Arup Fellow

Graham Dodd is an engineer who has worked with glass since 1988, designing facades, structural glass assemblies and sculptural installations around the world. He now leads Arup’s team of materials experts and as an Arup Fellow, promotes excellence in design and the use of materials.

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