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There needs to be a fundamental shift in the global approach to tackling climate change and the circular economy can play an essential role. 45% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from how we make and use products like buildings, cars and clothes, and how we produce food.

Join this session with Per Klevnäs from Material Economics, Soukeyna Gueye and Jocelyn Beirot from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to explore how business leaders, policymakers, and investors can build a thriving and resilient economy while playing an essential role in reaching climate targets.


Per Klevnäs

Per Klevnäs

Material Economics

Per Klevnäs is a managing consultant and economist with experience from 100+ energy, resource and climate related projects internationally since the early 2000s. Previous roles have included as an expert in McKinsey’s sustainability practice, Research Director of the New Climate Economy Project, a senior manager at the Stockholm Environment Institute, and Managing Director of an economic consultancy.

At Material Economics, Per help companies set the right direction in the face of new business requirements connected with resource and sustainability topics. He has worked widely across energy, basic materials, manufacturing, and utilities on topics ranging from investment due diligence and acquisition scanning, low-carbon growth strategies, investment planning, product and technology development, and regulatory strategy.

Per also has a background in research, and has worked extensively with government and philanthropic agencies. He was a lead author of the New Climate Economy report and supports the work of the Energy Transitions Commission.

He holds an MPhil in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

Soukeyna Gueye

Soukeyna Gueye

Project Manager, Lead Author

Soukeyna Gueye joined the Foundation in October 2016 as part of the Insight and Analysis team. She has since then been involved in reports investigating the circular economy opportunity for urban and industrial innovation in China and how urban policy levers can be used by city governments to enable the emergence of a circular economy. Recently, Soukeyna was a lead author of the paper “Completing the Picture: How the Circular Economy tackles Climate Change”, a collaboration with Material Economics, exploring the essential role that a circular economy can play in fundamentally shifting the global approach to tackling climate change.


Jocelyn Blériot

Jocelyn Blériot

Executive Lead Institutions, Governments & Cities

Jocelyn Blériot, executive officer of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, has an academic background drawing focus on literature, philosophy, and sociology. Having spent most of his career in the media industry as a journalist and editor, he notably develops written and video content, coordinates the production of reports and edits books produced by Ellen MacArthur

Foundation Publishing. He represented the Foundation on the European Resource Efficiency Platform (European Commission) and manages the relationship with EU institutions.

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