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How do you convince work colleagues that your bright idea isn’t just another burden to their existing workload? Working with policymakers at the regional and city level in Italy, Luigi Acquaviva has had to learn a few tricks when it comes to turning environmental ideas into practice.

Meanwhile in Scotland, Cheryl McCulloch had the job of exciting Glasgow businesses and policymakers about the circular economy. The circular city scan they produced managed to turn heads and opinions towards a new way of collaborating.

Join this conversation to see what you can learn from Luigi and Cheryl's experiences.


Luigi Acquaviva

Luigi Acquaviva

Coordinator at the Joint Office of Environmental Sustainability

Luigi Acquaviva is an Italian professional who works for UCSA – Joint Office for Environmental Sustainability, a planning institution that supports 4 City Councils of the province of Napoli in a joint effort to plan and manage the areas of environment, energy and adaptation to climate change.

After finishing an MA in hospital management at Nuffield Institute for Health (UK), he gained experience in health institutions and in AIDS community home-based care projects in Zambia working for Irish and Italian NGOs and with WHO on the Primary Health Care system in Bosnia, following the Dayton peace agreement.

Later he worked in the private sector throughout Europe with a focus on medical equipment and digital technologies. During that period he interacted with institutions equipped with environmental management systems (EMAS, ISO 14001, ISO 50001) and such experience pushed him to deepen the knowledge on topics that were already daily issues in hospital management, like energy and waste.

After that he decided to come back and work in his native territory to provide support to address the substantial concerns on waste management and since then, he has been promoting sustainable planning and management through the circular economy approach within public institutions.

Cheryl McCulloch

Cheryl McCulloch

Circular Glasgow Project Manager

Cheryl McCulloch is the Circular Glasgow Project Manager at Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, leading on business engagement to facilitate change and accelerate the transition to a circular economy in the city. Utilising innovative tools, communications and events, Cheryl works with businesses to facilitate the adoption of circular economy principles.

Working in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, Glasgow City Council and Circle Economy, she is currently coordinating an SME focused approach to encourage innovative new business models.


Miranda Schnitger

Miranda Schnitger

Government Policy Lead / Cities Project Lead

Miranda leads a range of work in the Foundation’s Institutions, Governments and Cities team. She recently led a research project exploring circular economy opportunities in cities, looking at major urban systems and the benefits that a circular economy lens can bring to cities. Prior to this, she worked in the CE100 team on insights and collaboration, with a focus on pre-competitive innovation across the network of businesses, government and cities, innovators and thought leaders to realise circular economy ambitions faster.

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