DIF Studio How Would You Improve Your City?

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Cities are where the action is. More of us live in them than any time in history, they are hubs of innovation and play a crucial role in our democracy. On the other hand, they are also focal points for a lot of the world’s problems, such as greenhouse gas emissions, lack of access to services, poverty and inequalities.

The Bloomberg Mayors Challenge was set up to help tackle some of these problems. It’s a $9million prize fund for US cities that can come up with the most visionary and impactful ideas that can enhance citizens’ lives. The city has to co-create these ideas with their citizens, working through prototyping stages alongside on-hand experts.

With the competition winner announced during October 2018, this DIF Studio show will feature the people on the inside. We’ll hear about the ideas that were developed, the experiences people had, who won, and how.

This is an abbreviated version of an interview that took place on November 13th. Want to watch the conversation in full? Watch it here:


Cat Drew

Cat Drew

Delivery Director at Uscreates

Cat is a visible thought and practice leader in using data & design for social innovation, spearheading new methods and sharing these widely, including a TedX on data and design and co-presenting BBC Radio 4’s The Fix series around design for social good. She combines 12 years of Government with a post-graduate education in design to create and spearhead the use of innovative methods for tackling tricky social issues and deliver impact.

Robbie Bates

Robbie Bates

Design Director at Uscreates

Robbie is Design Director at Uscreates, responsible for shaping and leading the organisation’s design and innovation practice across sectors. He has led work with national and international organisations including Bloomberg Philanthropies, Nesta, the Open Data Institute and the EU Policy Lab and he is an international speaker and educator, teaching at global design school including the Stanford D.School, University of the Arts and University of Applied Science, Austria.

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