DIF Studio If Cities Are the Answer, What Is the Question?

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  • Pieter van de Glind, Miranda Schnitger

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Cities clearly offer more services, entertainment, education, and work opportunities than rural settings, leading to a greater percentage of people living in them than at any other time in history. They also use strength of numbers to take advantage of the digital revolution - mobile internet quality tends to be higher in urban settings, and the sharing of goods and services is more likely in a densely populated area.

In short, cities are where opportunities exist. However, they are also where many problems lie: for example, poverty, congestion, air pollution, crime, and noise. Cities are major contributors to climate breakdown.

Urban planners and city mayors around the world are combating a complex set of problems. Our two guests in this live studio show have some thoughts on decisions these mayors can make, and where they can turn to for help. We will hear about the connections between the sharing and the circular economy. Join us to discover more.


Pieter van de Glind

Pieter van de Glind

Co-founder of shareNL

In 2013 Pieter co-founded shareNL, a boutique agency, which has become a global reference point for the sharing and platform economy. He has developed a deep understanding of how online platforms are reshaping the way people and organisations connect and how this affects industries and societies. He now connects and consults an ecosystem consisting of the world’s largest online platforms, the world leading companies, and some of the most advanced city-, state- and intergovernmental organisations.

Miranda Schnitger

Miranda Schnitger

Cities Project Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Miranda leads research exploring circular economy opportunities in cities, looking at major urban systems and the benefits that a circular economy lens can bring to cities. She previously worked in the Foundation's CE100 team on insights and collaboration, with a focus on pre-competitive innovation across the network of businesses, government and cities, innovators and thought leaders to realise circular economy ambitions faster.

Prior to the Foundation, Miranda has worked as a policy advisor at the EU and HM Treasury, and in a range of roles at social enterprises, charities and a design business.


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