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  • Vesselina Kavrakova, Sasha Bezuhanova, Julian Gröger, Jeremy Druker, Toni Caradonna

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This session is taking place via Zoom. Join it by clicking here.

This session is part of a collaboration between Impact Hubs and the DIF to sketch a positive vision for Central and Eastern Europe and to empower citizens by showcasing impact initiatives from and for the region through three distinct tracks.

You'll be able to join via a Zoom link on the date and time shown above, which opens up a variety of interactive formats including panels, workshops and breakout conversations. The focus will be on Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic and Ukraine but everyone interested in the topics or the region is more than welcome to join the conversation.

In this track, the focus is on the potential to reshape society from the ground up. In Eastern Europe, rural and urban communities are separated economically, socially, technologically and culturally. Outside interventions are unlikely to thrive, and so the key is to create change from within by uniting communities around a common set of values that create lasting positive innovation.

This track is coordinated by Move.BG and WWF. Express your interest and receive forward information from Impact Hub about this track by signing up on this link.

Track running order (all times shown are CET):

  • 10:00-10:20 Welcome & Framing
  • 10:20-10:50 Panel: Community for Truth - The value of Mass Media & Journalism is recent times
  • 10:50-11:20 Worldcafe: Communities for nature - Get to know projects from the region
  • 11:20-11:50 Pick your Keynote: Communities of the future - How technology might transform communities
  • 11:50-12:20 Discussion: Communities for change
  • 12:20-1:00 Breakout: Vision Session + Closing


Vesselina Kavrakova

Vesselina Kavrakova

Pirin, Bulgaria Country Head

Responsible to coordinate the statutory operations of WWF DCP Bulgaria, act as the legal representative of WWF DCP Bulgaria for legal, administrative, program and statutory purposes, coordinate the national communications for creating a strong national profile of WWF, identify and pursue funding opportunities for WWF DCP Bulgaria, oversee the finance and administration operations and staff of WWF DCP Bulgaria, coordinate the WWF DCP Bulgaria team, and ensure the institutionalization of the WWF DCP Bulgaria.

Sasha Bezuhanova

Sasha Bezuhanova

Sasha Bezuhanova is a digital professional, angel investor and philanthropist with a 20-years executive business career in HP and a multi-dimensional track record of service to society. Her long list of business achievements and social development engagements throughout the years involve positioning Bulgaria as an ICT centre of global significance, boosting the entrepreneurial culture and women empowerment in her home country Bulgaria and at European level. Sasha was named Digital woman of Europe for 2013 and one of the Top 100 Challengers in New Europe 100 for 2015.

Julian Gröger

Julian Gröger

President of EcoVisio

Originally from northern Germany, Julian spent his social service year in Romania and worked for the Robert Bosch Foundation in Moldova. His background is environmental management and he has spent six years running the Moldovan NGO EcoVisio as part of a team of 15 people.

Jeremy Druker

Jeremy Druker

Executive Director and Editor in Chief Transitions, Founder/CEO Press Start

Jeremy Druker is the executive director of Transitions (TOL), one of Central and Eastern Europe's leading media development organisations, which is now implementing a Solutions Journalism project in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia. He is editor in chief of TOL's flagship publication, Transitions. He is also founder/CEO of Press Start, the first global crowdfunding platform designed specifically to support journalists in countries where the press cannot report freely. Jeremy is a former chairman of the board of the Fulbright Commission in the Czech Republic and a member of the supervisory board of the Czech Journalism Prizes, the "Czech Pulitzers." Jeremy has been an Ashoka Fellow since 2010. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College and a master’s in international affairs from Columbia University. A native of Brooklyn, New York, he now lives with his family in Prague, which he has called home for almost 25 years.

Toni Caradonna

Toni Caradonna

Sustainability Chain, Porini Foundation, Switzerland

Toni Caradonna is a Swiss based climate physicist who is coding since the age of eight years. He is a blockchain-geek and he coded the world's first smart contract for the united nations. He works with the Porini Foundation and the SustainabilityChain on implementing the SDGs using Blockchain Technology.

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