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Place-making defines the way people live, work and shop. After decades of incremental change, all three areas are being rapidly disrupted, triggering a redefinition of place-making. This radical change is primarily driven by technology and data, leading to the blurring of lines between the offline and online world. As the use of space becomes less transactional and more experiential, so does the importance of place-making increases in creating and maintaining thriving communities. More diverse and mixed use of space is one of the key trends we see developing in the face of this disruption.

The Chair of Springwise will be in conversation with some of the biggest landlords in London and mobility experts to discuss the ongoing transformation of the city’s most prominent neighbourhoods. The future will bring increasingly mixed use of space, shopping districts turning into complete omni-channel experiences and social spaces become ever more experiential.


James Bidwell

James Bidwell

Chair of Springwise

James Bidwell is the owner of SPRINGWISE, the most cutting edge online resource for innovation spotting and business ideas. James has been listed in the Financial Times Creative Business Top 50, and named as one of London’s 1000 most influential by the London Evening Standard. Prior to Springwise, James worked for 20 years in businesses where urbanity, change and innovation were mission critical. Notably, he served as Marketing Director, Selfridges during the turnaround, CEO Visit London in the lead up to the Olympics and CEO Anthropologie, Europe spearheading the launch. He has been described as “a theatrical agitator” and as “Selfridges’ ringmaster extraordinaire”, amongst many other tributes during his successful career in leading transformational change in business and the urban space.

Laurence Kemball-Cook

Laurence Kemball-Cook

Laurence, 32, is the award-winning founder and CEO of Pavegen. Based in London and Cambridge, the clean-tech disruptor manufactures an award-winning flooring system that instantly converts kinetic energy from footfall into off-grid electricity and data. Laurence has worked with the world’s most iconic companies including adidas, Coca-Cola, Formula E, Google, Heathrow, Lexus, Samsung and Shell. Laurence’s awards include the Social Enterprise Entrepreneurship Award, 2017, making the Estate Gazette’s top 50 power list, 2016 and winning the Eco award at GB Entrepreneur of the Year, 2015 and 2016.


Seb Seb Egerton-Read

Seb Seb Egerton-Read

Social Media and Content Manager

Seb makes sure the DIF’s content reaches the right people on a global scale through resourceful and creative marketing. He also feeds into the DIF's long-term strategy. When Seb isn’t working on the DIF, he’s busy managing the Foundation’s social media accounts and producing regular content across platforms as well as writing for Circulate news.

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