DIF on AIR INTERVAL: Design Solutions for Waste Problems

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  • Juan Pablo Corral, Lucas Fuhrmann

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This session is part of DIF x CE100 Startup Day. A day devoted to showcasing startups and their role in disrupting the market and enabling a shift towards a circular economy.

INTERVAL fills the interval between waste and usefulness through design. The startup applies design in solving waste problems; Either they find new purposes for existing waste materials, or they redesign processes and materials to match future applications. By doing this, INTERVAL has turned political advertising boards into a public pavilion, repurposed construction materials into fashionable corporate products, and turned biowaste into an organic fashion textile.


Juan Pablo Corral

Juan Pablo Corral

Project Director, INTERVAL

Juan Pablo Corral is an Architect & MArch with degrees from the School of Architecture at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He has been an instructor professor at the same institution and just finished his studies at the London School of Economics – Cities Program. He is a multi-scale designer and researcher focusing on solving and understanding urban environmental problems. Has worked as Design Consultant & Researcher, developing circular economy initiatives and research programs in collaboration with public and private organizations such as ARAUCO, MACE, and the LSE.

Lucas Fuhrmann

Lucas Fuhrmann

Business Director, INTERVAL

Lucas has a multidisciplinary background in economics, philosophy, and psychology. He just finished a Masters Degree at London School of Economics in behavioural science and has gathered a rich understanding of how to design systems that channel human behaviour. He is passionate about putting circular economy principles intro practice first and foremost in the textile and construction industry.


Colin Webster

Colin Webster

Learning Content Manager

Colin is the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Learning Content Manager. He manages content in the DIF's Live Studio, ensuring that we have a great mix of brilliant people armed with interesting topics. He also directed this year's DIF documentary, System Reset.

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