DIF FIlm Is This the Future of Global Food Systems?

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Leontino Balbo Jr has developed an approach to organic sugar cane production with the potential to disrupt the whole agricultural sector itself.

In 1986, Leontino began experimenting with "ecosystems revitalising agriculture", a new approach that he believed could increase crop yields, reduce pest numbers and restore natural capital, all while reducing reliance on natural resources.

29 years later, Leontino’s sugar cane farm, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has enjoyed unprecedented success with his work becoming a paragon of regenerative agriculture. A hypothesis has transformed into measurable results, with Leontino claiming to be able to produce higher yields, while not raising production costs, using only one third of the resources and providing a swathe of environmental benefits.


Leontino Balbo Jr

Leontino Balbo Jr

The Balbo Group

The Balbo Group is a pioneer in Brazil in developing the large-scale regenerative production of sugar cane, and has created a strong organic sugar brand, called Native, which is now the world’s leading producer and marketer of organic sugar.

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