DIF Podcast How a Designer and Design Bot Work Together

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  • Karin Fischnaller, Karin Anders, Avross Hsiao

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How will the human designer Karin work together with the design bot Karin Anders? This speculative talk explores the future design practice in which AI and human intelligence will work together in equal partnership.

Today’s work structures have become irregular and designers often find themselves in precarious situations, both financially and professionally. Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances quickly, which also influences the design profession and its research driven, reflective practice. AI-enhancements might not lead to a new phase of stability, but they will certainly be a driving force behind fundamental changes in the design process.

Together Karin and Karin Anders investigate how technology will influence the design profession. Karin is in need of somebody who supports and reflects on her work. Is her artificial companion up for the job?


Karin Fischnaller

Karin Fischnaller

Human Designer and Researcher

Karin Fischnaller is an information designer and researcher with background in visual communication. Since 2014 she works independently and collectively across various media with different clients and contexts. Recently she completed her master studies in Information Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. Beside of commissioned work she focuses on research projects that investigate the impacts of technological developments and the future role of the designer. Hereby, design serves as a critical tool to share knowledge, to speculate on possible futures and to provoke discussions.

Karin Anders

Karin Anders

Design Bot

Karin Anders is a design bot and as such the designer’s synthetic alter ego—but not her replica. Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence, Karin Anders is a computer programming working in design. It is more than simply a designer’s tool. Karin Anders and Karin will be companions at work. Both, the human and the bot, will act as equal partners, while reinforcing each other’s skillsets. Although the partners are essentially different (anders), humans and bots will complement each other.

Avross Hsiao

Avross Hsiao

Legal Consultant, Taiwanese Digital Ministry

Avross Hsiao is a legal consultant working at the Taiwanese Digital Ministry and facilitating between the public and private sector. With her colleagues, she tries to exchange ideas assisted by Artificial Intelligence. Avross is an optimist, and she comes from the future as Taiwan is six hours ahead Central European Time.

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