DIF Studio How do you convince your organisation to engage with the circular economy?

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Even the most progressive universities tend to teach subjects in isolation from each other, so imagine the job our guest in this show had in convincing her university to develop a cross-campus MSc about the circular economy. Imagine, too, the challenge a lead designer at IDEO had in convincing his colleagues that there is a new, circular, way of designing goods.

Fiona Charnley of Exeter University and Chris Grantham of IDEO will tell us how they each helped achieve something remarkable. Who did they need to convince and how did they go about it? Find out what you can learn from those who have achieved change within their institutions.


Fiona Charnley

Fiona Charnley

Associate Professor at the Exeter Centre for Circular Economy

Dr Fiona Charnley is Associate Professor of Circular Economy within the Exeter Centre for Circular Economy, University of Exeter Business School. Fiona works and publishes within the field of design, innovation and manufacture for a circular economy. She leads a number of government funded research projects, has extensive experience of working with organisations from across sectors and has led multiple education programmes to support future leaders in the transition towards a circular economy.

Chris Grantham

Chris Grantham

Executive Portfolio Director, Circular Economy at IDEO

Chris is Circular Economy Executive Director at IDEO, where he leads IDEO's consultancy business in the circular economy and works with organisations on system change and breakthrough innovation, particularly the development of enabling digital infrastructure. Chris has also been closely involved in developing IDEO's partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, formed to advance innovative solutions towards a more circular economy.

His work has involved a number of design led initiatives with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, including adapting IDEO’s collaborative design methodology (CoLab) for circular economy innovation across industry value chains and the development of The Circular Design Guide. Launched at The World Economic Forum in 2017, the guide aims to develop a generation of creatively confident, systems orientated circular designers and more resilient organisations capable of thriving in the circular economy.


Jules Hayward

Jules Hayward

Executive Lead Learning

As Executive Lead Learning Jules is responsible for Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Education and Learning Programmes. These programmes include educational projects with schools and colleges, an extensive higher education programme, corporate learning and scaled informal online learning. Jules works with the team to manage these focus areas whilst also cultivating connectivity with the Foundation's other key programme areas. She has a core interest in the process of learning, mapping this against the systemic role learning can play in accelerating the transition to a circular economy.

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