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Have we become too dependent on technology? Read Lewis Dartnell’s engrossing book The Knowledge and you might well conclude that we have.

In the book, Dartnell starts from the hypothetical scenario that the world as we know it has ended. Whether a virus, nuclear war, asteroid, whatever - it doesn’t matter. The question the book really grapples with is ‘how do we rebuild what we had?’. The reader can’t help but come to the conclusion that the rebuilding job will be damned difficult, given the complexity of today’s technology and our dependence on it.

In this live studio session, Lewis will peer behind some layers of modern technology to help us focus on what we have accomplished through history, and why we need to reconnect with the technology around us today. If you are a maker, a tinkerer or just curious about how the stuff around us is put together, join us for this show.


Lewis Dartnell

Lewis Dartnell

Prof. Lewis Dartnell is a research scientist , presenter and author based in London, UK.

Lewis graduated from Oxford University with a First Class degree in Biological Sciences and completed a PhD at University College London in 2007. He now holds the Professorship in Science Communication at the University of Westminster. Lewis research is in the field of astrobiology and the search for microbial life on Mars.

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