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DIF Studio Love Not Landfill and Wear Next: How London and New York aim to make fashion circular

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Where do our clothes go when we’re done with them? In a city like New York alone, 200 million pounds of clothing are being landfilled annually - that is the equivalent of over 440 Statues of Liberty. Globally, 73% of the materials used to produce clothing are landfilled or burned at the end of their life, while less than 1% of old clothing goes on to be used to make new clothes.

Two recent campaigns - Wear Next (New York) and Love Not Landfill (London) - aimed to divert clothes from landfill and encouraged brands and citizens to embrace the new mindset and make our wardrobes really work. They say that whether it’s swapping them, selling them, donating or recycling them, it’s possible to work together to prevent clothing from ever becoming waste. Join this session to find out why these campaigns were set up, how they went and what they learned.


Sonia Park

Sonia Park

New York City Economic Development Corporation

Sonia Park works at the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) where she leads the City's fashion programming as Assistant Vice President on the Industry Innovation Team. NYCEDC supports fashion through education, technology and real estate development programming.

Prior to coming to NYCEDC, Sonia worked in the fashion industry for several years focusing on product development, production and supply chain operations. Her experience in larger corporations like Polo Jeans Co., Liz Claiborne, and Cole Haan provided a great foundation for working with smaller companies where she was responsible for strategizing, building the right relationships, as well as setting up supply chain channels.

Katherine Kitchener

Katherine Kitchener

New York City Department of Sanitation

Kate began her work in waste prevention by implementing waste reduction strategies and testing alternative packaging options in the private sector. Seeing the success of these programs inspired her to realize similar policies on a larger scale, acquiring a Master’s Degree in Energy and Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware. In her current position as Chief of Staff at the New York City Department of Sanitation Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability, Kate is integral in moving the Bureau’s initiatives forward including programs to recycle organics, textiles, and electronics. She also has a strong focus on extended producer responsibility legislation and serves on the boards of both the Product Stewardship Institute and the New York State Product Stewardship Council.

Ali Moore

Ali Moore

Head of communications and behaviour change, LWARB

Ali oversees all of LWARB’s communications and behaviour change activities, including their award-winning consumer campaigns – London Recycles, #LoveNotLandfill and Small Change, Big Difference – and all corporate, programme and borough communications. With over 23 years’ experience of brand development, marketing and communications across the corporate, commercial and public sectors, she has previously worked for organisations as diverse as Reuters, Lloyds Bank, The Post Office, Transport for London, a range of small locally-based charities and WRAP.


Sarah O’Carroll

Sarah O’Carroll

Government & Cities Network Manager

Sarah joined the Foundation in 2019 as the Government and Cities Network Manager. Sarah facilitates networking and knowledge sharing between the Foundation’s government and cities members; working with them to build collaborations with each other as well as with the Foundation’s broader network of businesses and learning institutions.

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