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A new economy, characterised by a smarter use of materials, energy and information, will prioritise access over ownership of products. After all, what is it customers really want: the use of a service (mobility, for example), or the cost of owning and servicing a product (a car, in this example)? The promise offered by performance contracts is that customers can ride the wave of constant innovation at a lower cost than ownership offers.

To make the most of performance contracts, or product service systems, businesses and designers need to evolve with the times. Products will likely have to be designed for longevity and upgradability, while businesses will need to consider return routes for products, and establish closer connections with their customers. Join us in this event where we'll hear from two experts who will help us get to grips with the latest thinking.


Rich Gilbert

Rich Gilbert

Founder Agency of Design

Rich Gilbert is the co-founder of The Agency of Design a design consultancy helping organisations design a better future by re-thinking our physical and digital worlds.

Rich worked as an industrial designer, bringing products to market for Hewlett Packard before studying for an MA & MSc at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College. An embodied energy catalogue of his life, a dislike for toothbrush design and 3 toasters later he was thoroughly engaged in the complex challenges of achieving a sustainable future. Now part strategist and part designer he is equally involved with the systemic nature of sustainable design challenges as he is with the nuts and bolts of making these projects real.

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