DIF on AIR Making the Circular Economy Work for Human Development

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  • Patrick Schröder, Alexandre Lemille

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We will introduce our recent work that re-conceptualises and advances the existing concept and practical applications of the circular economy towards a broader approach to development.

In particular, we combine circular economy with the approach for sustainable Human Development and relate it to implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (the SDGs). The aim is to develop a more sophisticated and holistic concept, which will include social-economic and political elements of the transformation from linear to circular economic models, combined with human development from the social sciences and development studies perspective.

This session aims to raise an understanding and awareness of the missing human dimension in the current circular economy discourse, while increasing familiarisation within the international development community of the circular economy approach.


Patrick Schröder

Patrick Schröder

Research Fellow

I am a researcher at the Institute of Development Studies where I try to understand and promote the potentials of the circular economy to address global development challenges, in particular the Sustainable Development Goals.

Alexandre Lemille

Alexandre Lemille

Founder Wizeimpact

Alex is the founder of Wizeimpact (Wizeimpact.com), a for-purpose thrivability consultancy that leverages business-as-a-powerful-tool to find solutions to our social and economic challenges.


Seb Egerton-Read

Seb Egerton-Read

Social Media and Content Manager

Seb makes sure the DIF’s content reaches the right people on a global scale through resourceful and creative marketing. He also feeds into the DIF's long-term strategy.

When Seb isn’t working on the DIF, he’s busy managing the Foundation’s social media accounts and producing regular content across platforms as well as writing for Circulate news.

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