DIF FIlm Manufacturing Immortality: Self-healing Materials in a Circular Economy

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Bio-based and bio-inspired self-healing materials is an emerging technology currently being explored and researched around the world by academia and industry alike. But what impacts - positive and negative - might they have on a circular economy?

There are numerous factors to consider when implementing these new types of materials into everyday products, and still much more to learn, test and explore.

This video introduces ‘Manufacturing Immortality’; a multidisciplinary, ESPRC funded, research collaboration between seven UK universities, working together to develop new self-healing materials, while also examining the feasibility and environmental implications manufacturing and designing with new this technology.


Cranfield University Researchers

Cranfield University Researchers

Manufacturing immortality is an EPSRC funded research project being carried out by researchers Vasileios Akrivos, Tzu-Yu Chen, Robert Downs, Merryn Haines-Gadd, Nicolette Moreau, Harald Schlegl and Wenjun Wang. They are multi-disciplinary team, from seven different UK universities investigating not only the feasibility of developing of synthetic and bio-hybrid based self-healing materials, but also the design and circular economy implications of integrating this technology into products.

Cranfield University is a post-graduate institution that specialises in delivering cutting edge academic, industry led research. Their postgraduate programme trains forward thinking professionals with the ability to integrate creativity and design thinking in the business functions of management, engineering, communication and commerce. Cranfield has an expertise is in aerospace, energy and power, manufacturing and transport systems, and leads pioneering research in the Circular Economy and breakthrough innovation, integrating educational and research activities to develop new practices.

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