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We live in a world of finite materials, yet we’ve constructed an economy which uses them up, and often at an alarming rate. A shift to a circular economy in which products are made to be made again is therefore a vital shift for a long-term future. In this context, material selection matters. This DIF show will look at intelligent material choices for high quality and safe reuse.


Eric Logtens

Eric Logtens

Corporate Director Circular Economy | CEO Europe, Ecor

Founded one of the first Dutch consultancy firms on ergonomic training and advise in occupational health care in the early nineties. Then built an international sub-distribution network in the office furniture industry with key activities as strategic marketing positioning, sales, logistics, service and repair. Focus on C2C and gained in-depth knowledge and experience on the implementation of the principles in practice since early 2003. In 2015 Eric joined Noble Environmental Technologies leading the Circular Economy Effort and became a board member in 2016.

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