DIF FIlm Materials and Design: Designing for Disruption

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  • Jennifer McIver, Vince Lovrich

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Explore the design thinking and drive behind two sets of New Zealand based entrepreneurs using circular economy thinking to disrupt their respective markets.

Wishbone Design has spent the last decade creating a unique range of modular bikes for early childhood. They are made to be home repaired, to grow with your child and be handed on to the next generation. The Module Project is creating Decibel, a modular, home upgradable mobile wireless speaker designed to last a lifetime.

The example of these entrepreneurs will show that design (and purpose) led business and innovation can make a difference. Hosted by the Sustainable Business Network Aotearoa's Circular Economy Accelerator.


Jennifer McIver

Jennifer McIver

Co-Founder and Director, Wishbone Design Studio

In 2005 Jennifer McIver and her partner Rich Latham were living in New York with their two young kids. McIver was a lawyer at the New Zealand Mission at the United Nations. Latham was in New York without a working visa. He found himself craving green space for both his and his kids’ sake, and gravitated toward Central Park. He constructed a wooden balance tricycle for his one-year-old son. So many people asked about it, that they set up a website, and then a business.

Vince Lovrich

Vince Lovrich

Co-Founder at The Module Project Ltd

We were incensed that manufacturers were disrespecting their customers and the environment. Selling devices designed to fail. Someone had to do something. In the absence of volunteers, "someone" was us. There was a need and demand for a circular approach to consumer technology. There are two major reasons hardware is replaced. New technology and failure/damage. Our design philosophy addresses these issues. Module is developing the products which prove technology products can be desirable and less damaging to our planet.

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