DIF on AIR Can Data Help Design Out Plastic Pollution in Asia?

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  • Abishek Balasubramanian

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Of the estimated eight to 12 million tonnes of plastic that leaks into the oceans every year, 80% reportedly originates from Asia. This session will argue that building a waste data bank is a crucial step towards creating a better plastics economy.

Many Asian countries suffer from a lack of consistent, reliable and comparative data sets on production, wastage and recycling. Creating a clearer picture of the specific material flow in Asia could help to draw conclusions on the most relevant points to intervene in order to stop leakage of plastics into the environment.

Leveraging new data could enable the crafting of more effective design, as well as vital collection and recycling infrastructure. It could also unlock business opportunities in local markets and create formal job opportunities for people currently stuck in the informal sector.


Abishek Balasubramanian

Abishek Balasubramanian

Head of Projects

Proudly creating some of the first circular economy deployments in Asia. We're passionate about halting the current 8 million tonnes of plastic going into our oceans yearly & putting an end to overflowing landfills and environmental degradation throughout Asia. We envision a world without waste and do our best to find solutions to growing waste issues in Asia.


Emily Scadgell

Emily Scadgell

Communications Coordinator

Emily is the communications manager for the DIF, her role involves posting key calls to action throughout the year on the DIF’s website, social media and more. She is also responsible for the development and delivery of communications for the wider learning team at the Foundation covering Higher Education, Schools and Colleges, online courses and The Circular Design Guide.

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