DIF FIlm Where Does Mining Fit in with the Circular Economy?

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  • Glen Corder
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The mining sector has been and still is represented by linear rather than circular activities through its supply of resources to society. There is, however, a stronger drive towards ideals that are aligned with circular economy thinking within the industry. Such examples include optimising recovery and reuse of large-scale waste streams to generate by-products, greater levels of innovation to improve productivity, and smarter approaches that have broader stakeholder appeal and acceptance. This animated film will succinctly articulate how the mining industry can make (some surprisingly) sizeable contributions to the circular economy, and which could translate into societal benefits.


Glen Corder

Glen Corder

Acting Director Environment Centres, Sustainable Minerals Institute

Glen has over 25 years’ experience in the resources industries and has worked at the Sustainable Minerals Institute since 2004. His research focuses on responsible resource use and processing, specialising in industrial ecology, the circular economy and sustainability risk management frameworks in the mining and minerals industry.

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