DIF FIlm The Future of Mobility: Open and Modular Approach

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  • Tin Hang Liu
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Will transportation and mobility as a service displace ownership of cars to become the major form of transportation?

Tin Hang Liu, the Founder and CEO of Open Motors, digs deeper into the question by going through a quick macro analysis of the major trends in New Mobility, imagines the car of the future by describing how the perfect car for the new paradigm should be and shares all the necessary ingredients to shape a vehicle designed and engineered for transportation/mobility as a service.


Tin Hang Liu

Tin Hang Liu

Founder & CEO

Tin Hang Liu, born in Italy, is the founder and CEO of Open Motors, a startup that developed an open hardware platform for electric vehicles, a modular self-driving vehicle called “EDIT” and an ecosystem for startups entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, makers, fabbers, manufacturers and investors.

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