DIF on AIR Opening Your Toolkit for Circular Innovation

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  • Chris Sherwin, Erik Bottema

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The Circular Economy is a call-to-arms to innovate but once you’ve signed up to the principles: what now? How do you practically deliver Circular Innovation?

This session introduces two toolkits developed by Chris Sherwin from Reboot Innovation and Erik Bottema from Critical Minds to run Circular Innovation projects with businesses and brands who want to practically bridge the implementation gap.

After introducing the two toolkits – Reboot’s Circular Innovation Toolkit and Critical Mind’s Circular Roll-Out – the session discusses the similarities and differences, showing real examples of applying them to everything from decorating, phones, food and industrial products.


Chris Sherwin

Chris Sherwin

Founder director

Chris runs reboot innovation, a creative consultancy on a mission to change what and how we innovate for a better world. We fuse world-changing innovation and design techniques with cutting-edge sustainability and circular economy thinking. We are the sustainable innovation partner to brands and innovators who want to practically design a green, fair and prosperous world.

Erik Bottema

Erik Bottema

Circular Economy Consultant

Erik is a Circular Economy Consultant at Critical Minds, where he focuses on the practical implementation of circular economy in the Netherlands. He holds a BSc. in Industrial Design and a MSc. in Strategic Product Design from Delft University of Technology and graduated on the design-implementation gap in Circular Economy. He developed the Circular Rollout, a toolkit to help organisations start circular economy projects, which he applies in his daily work.


Emma Fromberg

Emma Fromberg

Informal Learning and Smart Material Choices Manager

Emma is a designer by background and is part of the Learning Team of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. She is interested in exploring how design can support the transition to a circular economy. At the Foundation she leads informal learning, in which the annual Disruptive Innovation Festival plays a significant role. Besides informal learning, she works within the Circular Design Team on smart material choices and material health.

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