DIF Learner Journey What is the circular economy? Part 1: A Rising Tide

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  • Harrison Wavell

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Part 1: From international cartels to Henry Ford’s assembly lines...in part 1 we’ll be exploring the linear economy and some of its challenges.

Watch - Part 2: Setting a New Course
Watch - Part 3: A Systems Approach

This circular economy learner journey is designed to guide you through the vision of a circular economy, its core principles, and a selection of case study examples that will help bring the circular economy to life. We’ve made the experience extra engaging by using an interactive learning tool that allows you to add comments, ask questions and share your ideas with people from around the world.


Harrison Wavell

Harrison Wavell

Learning Content Designer, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Harrison focuses on developing curriculum and learning experiences based on the circular economy. As part of this, Harrison supports a growing community of educators looking to inspire their students through the vision of a circular economy.

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