DIF on AIR Plastic by Use-Phase: Decision-Making Tools to Tackle Plastic Waste

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Making a decision to change a product's design or it's packaging isn't easy. Solutions are clearly not one-intervention-fits-all. Could these tricky decisions be simplified by assessing plastic products or packaging in a new way? Resource futures have developed a framework that takes a fresh look at plastic items in terms of their ‘use phase’ i.e. the length of time a plastic item is used for its intended purpose. Categories extend from 'Very short (<1day) to 'Long Life' (>12 years). This session will focus on a useful infographic and set of decision trees. We will take you through the decision trees using a range of everyday plastic products that have short, medium and long use phases. This will enable you to ask simple questions to help navigate through the sea of choices around minimising the impact of plastic.


Emma Burlow

Emma Burlow

Head of Circular Economy, Resource Futures

Emma is Head of Circular Economy at Resource Futures. She is one of the UK’s leading specialists on circular economy and resource efficiency in businesses. She is currently working with a range of businesses on circular business models including hire, remanufacture and leasing. Emma worked on the WRAP REBus project from 2014-16. This landmark project supported more than 30 businesses including Argos, Sky, DHL, IKEA, Stannah and Oxfam and innovative SMEs such as Po-Zu, Greenstream, Premier Workplace Services and Globechain, to transition to more circular business models.


Leo Nutter

Leo Nutter

Learning Innovation Coordinator

Leo has a background in Environmental Science, and has been with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as Learning Innovation Coordinator for over 2 years. In his 3rd Disruptive Innovation Festival, Leo is overseeing global university engagement and the collection of key performance metrics.

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