DIF Studio Plastics, Problems and Possibilities

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  • Mike Werner, Michael Shaver

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Plastic is a miraculous material that has countless practical uses, and yet it’s the poster child for the wasteful take-make-dispose linear economy. We all know about the end of life problems plastics can bring, but in this show we’ll investigate the solutions that could tackle plastics issues at their source. How can we design and use materials that fit the planet, fit the economy and fit our lifestyles?

Our studio experts will combine cutting-edge research from the University of Edinburgh with the latest thinking around material innovation from Google in order to paint a picture of our materials future. This is a show not to be missed.


Mike Werner

Mike Werner

Lead for Safer Chemistry, Google

Mike Werner is lead for Safer Chemistry at Google in their consumer hardware division. As a chemist and materials scientist, his mission is to eliminate toxic chemicals from consumer products and drive higher environmental performance and sustainability of product design.

Michael Shaver

Michael Shaver

Professor of Polymer Chemistry, University of Edinburgh

Dr Michael Shaver is a Professor of Polymer Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, where he founded and leads the Green Materials Laboratory. His team develops sustainable alternatives to petroleum-derived plastics. Current projects include new biodegradable polyesters that mimic the properties of polystyrene, polymers for water filtration systems and API delivery, and new self-healing materials.


Ashima Sukhdev

Ashima Sukhdev

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