DIF Studio Prosperity Without Growth - a Conversation with Tim Jackson

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Having explored in depth the topic of our industrialised societies’ relationship with materials, as well as the need for gradual decoupling between development and resource impact, Tim Jackson joins the DIF and discusses the potential of the circular economy at scale.

The global resonance of Tim’s work gave a center stage to a question which previously remained somewhat rhetoric: is a system rethink possible, and what are the key barriers standing in the way of both the private and the public sector?

Alongside Tim, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Joss Blériot and Ken Webster discuss the role of finance, money, policymakers and society in transitioning towards a positive model fit for the 21st century


Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson is Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey and Director of the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP). His vision for CUSP builds on thirty years of multi-disciplinary research on sustainability and decades of policy experience, in particular his work as Economics Commissioner on the UK Sustainable Development Commission. Tim is the author of Prosperity Without Growth, recently published in a substantially revised and updated 2nd edition. He is also an award-winning playwright with numerous radio-writing credits for the BBC.

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