DIF on AIR Nairoby: Rethinking the Life of Sports Equipment

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  • Sebastian Rosenfeld

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This session is part of DIF x CE100 Startup Day. A day devoted to showcasing startups and their role in disrupting the market and enabling a shift towards a circular economy.

Big players in the winter sports equipment industry are deeply committed and making a huge impact on climate change awareness, but the boards used are still being made with inefficient processes, harmful materials and turn into mountains of trash at the end of their life cycle.

Nairoby's challenge is to redesign the industry's linear model and make the whole sports experience circular.


Sebastian Rosenfeld

Sebastian Rosenfeld

Marketing Director and Co-founder of NAIROBY

As a marketing professional with a career in digital & analytics solutions, Sebastian has worked with media and business consulting firms over Latin America. He also founded digital companies focused on solving business, marketing and communication problems. Passionate about science, problem solving methodologies and outdoor sports, it was the love for snowboard that generated the opportunity to finally connect passion and work: a tangible innovation, a digital solution and a circular contribution to the environment that can change the sports industry forever: NAIROBY - re-creation of sports.


Kinge Gardien

Kinge Gardien

DIF Programme Manager

Kinge is the DIF’s Programme Manager which means heading up the DIF team and contributing to and signing off on the comms, digital and editorial work that combines to create the online Festival. Kinge joined the Foundation as a DIF intern and blossomed so much in her role, that she went on to take the reins!

Originally from the Netherlands, Kinge holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Design from Delft University of Technology. Having held a particular interest in the human side of design, she decided to also study Social and Cultural Anthropology.

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