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  • Melanie Nutter, Shyaam Ramkumar

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Continuing population growth and urbanisation are projected to add 2.5 billion people to the world’s urban population by 2050. This leaves two pressing questions: how will they live, and where will they live?

In this live event, we were joined by two guests with plenty of experience in dealing with some of the challenges posed by cities: Melanie Nutter and Shyaam Ramkumar. Melanie is the former Director of San Francisco Department of the Environment, while Shyaam is part of a team at Circle Economy who investigated how the city of Amsterdam could be transformed by taking inspiration from the circular economy.

Join us in this session to hear how our experts believe we can rise to meet the urban challenges of today and tomorrow, and to put your opinions on our urban future to us in the DIF studio.


Melanie Nutter

Melanie Nutter

Principal, Nutter Consulting

  • Former Director of San Francisco Department of the Environment, and former Deputy Director for US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
  • Helped San Francisco win Greenest City Award by Siemens and Economist Intelligence Unit in 2011
  • Advocate for sustainable and smart city initiatives

Shyaam Ramkumar

Shyaam Ramkumar

Knowledge and Innovation Manager, Circle Economy

  • An Industrial Ecologist with a background in Economics and Statistics
  • Developed the Circle Assessment to help organisations quantify and monitor their level of circularity
  • Previously worked as a sustainability consultant and demand strategy consultant in the United States

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