Right to Repair: A Vision for Circular Electronics

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As electronics are increasingly locked down and glued together, the battle to repair our things is happening in the courtroom and on the workbench. Mobile devices are increasingly valuable and challenging to repair, but independent technicians are rising to the challenge, powered by online repair communities. The European Commission has joined the repairability conversation and legislation is pending in 12 US states. Get an update from the leader of the Right to Repair movement on his vision for a circular electronics industry and an update from the battle. We'll also take a hands-on-look inside the iPhone X and compare it to other flagship phones to see which product designs are circular, and which are not.


Kyle Wiens

Kyle Wiens

Kyle Wiens is the CEO of iFixit, the free repair manual. He’s dedicated his life to defeating the second law of thermodynamics, a battle fought in the courtroom as often as in the workshop. The Right to Repair campaign has, so far, successfully legalized cell phone unlocking and tractor repair.

Kyle regularly speaks on design for repair, service documentation, and the environmental impact of manufacturing. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Harvard Business Review, Wired, Popular Mechanics, and the Wall Street Journal.

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