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WeRobotics co-founder Patrick Meier will be speaking about how robotics technologies, including aerial, aquatic, and terrestrial platforms, can be used to create positive impacts in multiple fields, such as disaster relief, infrastructure development and nature conservation, among others. Patrick will also discuss the "Robotics Divide", how poorer and at-risk communities around world which could greatly benefit from such technologies simply do not have the necessary expertise and access to utilize them effectively. The interview will include specific solutions to the above problem and examples of robotics-based projects currently ongoing around the world.


Patrick Meier

Patrick is the Executive Director & Co-Founder of WeRobotics, which scales the positive impact of humanitarian aid, development and environmental projects through the use and localization of appropriate robotics solutions. These include aerial, terrestrial and maritime robotics. To do this, WeRobotics co-creates local innovation labs in developing countries, “Flying Labs”, where outstanding local partners gain direct access to the professional skills and robotics technologies they seek to increase their impact. In the process, WeRobotics works with these partners to incubate local businesses that offer robotics as service, which sustain the Flying Labs.

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