DIF FIlm Scenario Planning for a Circular Future: Example of Peterborough

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Watch this DIF film to see a scenario forecast engagement motion graphic, developed by Cranfield University Students, to encourage businesses and stakeholders within Peterborough to engage in becoming fully circular by 2050.

What would it mean for people, businesses and city officials if circular economy principles were applied widely throughout the city?


Cranfield University

Cranfield University

Post Graduate University

This was part of a Cranfield University project produced by a group of master’s students, namely Halid Abu-Bakar, Alberto Tierno, Bethan Hutchinson, Alessandro Trovato, Moreblessing Nkudzi and Vamsi Priya Singam. Sponsored by Opportunity Peterborough and the Peterborough City Council, the aim of the project was to nudge businesses in Peterborough to engage in Circular Economy practices in a bid to help the city’s vision of becoming fully circular by 2050. The motion graphic shows the result of a data-driven scenario foresighting featuring a linear pathway versus a circular pathway.

Cranfield University is a post-graduate institution that specialises in delivering great academic, industry led research. Their postgraduate programme trains forward thinking professionals with the ability to integrate creativity and design thinking in the business functions of management, engineering, communication and commerce. Cranfield has expertise in aerospace, energy, manufacturing, transport systems, and are leading pioneering research in strategic creativity, the Circular Economy, and breakthrough innovation, integrating education and research to develop new commercial practices.

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