DIF FIlm Circular Design: Spirals Story From Brazil

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  • Carla Tennenbaum

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In this video Brazilian artist/designer Carla Tennenbaum shares the innovations of her award-winning project 'Unspirals' that turns E.V.A. waste into colorful spirals and mosaics are produced without any glue or chemical adhesives, which allows them to be reclaimed and transformed or unmade and remade, indefinitely.

The video shows this dynamic creation process, while Carla talks about her path developing the technologies to make this happen, and discusses the potentials and limitations she came across along the way: “I am very aware that my work is not a viable ‘solution’ for this kind of industrial waste, for issues of scale and mostly the need for the industry to rethink those materials from the beginning so they can be properly cycled as nutrients for technical or biological cycles. But I also want to reaffirm the worth of such artistic and handcrafted projects (very prolific in Brazil and other developing countries..) that create financial income, aesthetic and psychological value from locally abundant discarded materials. And use my work to raise awareness and spark discussions about the need for circular design and the transition towards a circular economy”.


Carla Tennenbaum

Carla Tennenbaum


Carla is a Brazilian artist/designer who creates – and helps others create - innovative products from a wide range of undervalued materials. Her work has won awards by UNESCO, the Latin American Design Foundation and SEBRAE’s Top 100 Brazilian Handicraft Projects. For over 10 years she has worked as a creative facilitator, leading workshops and innovation labs for several companies and institutions. Carla is cofounder of Ideia Circular, a project that promotes circular design initiatives in Brazil, and member of the International Development Innovators Network and the UWC board of advisors.

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